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Amazon Prime Day 2021 Recap por Jakub Gruszczynski

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Recap

AmazoneScorePrime Day
Amazon Prime Day took place 21-22 June 2021, an opportunity for brands to potentially win big with Prime Day deals and eager customers ready to buy. Leading up to the event, we took a deep dive at these global major electronics brands, using eScore™ as a benchmark for brand success in e-commerce. Our data reflected the increasing cost of winning the Prime Day game for brands big and small, with Share of Stock presenting the biggest obstacle in the post-Covid aftermath of increasing costs of production and transport. In the days prior to Prime Day, all of the brands saw a decrease in their eScore, largely due to a decrease in Share of Stock.

So how did Prime Day pan out? We looked at the same brands after Prime Day and found out that it wasn’t just Share of Stock that determined the winners (though this certainly was a key factor). Our data reveals that in addition to availability, findability (via search, keyword content, and category presence) as well as ratings & reviews also impacted performance. So who came out on top, and also who played it safe? Here are the results for four key Amazon markets:


escore rankings-couk

  • Although Panasonic pushed hard with their Prime Day deals, their eScore took a dive due to the aforementioned Share of Stock problem, which plummeted during the event. Other brands managed to remain fairly consistent with their Share of Stock.
  • Hisense climbed to the top thanks to a boost in positive customer reviews.
  • Sharp also managed to nudge its way up the leaderboard by maintaining stock quantities, increasing its review count, and improving its position on category first pages.




escore rankings-DE

  • Panasonic’s stock issues were even more problematic in Germany, contributing to a -0.12 point drop in eScore during this period. This combined with a notable fall in positive reviews contributed to a -0.12 drop in its eScore. Despite these issues, Panasonic still managed to maintain an overall top position through its use of category keywords.
  • Grundig also took a dive in Share of Stock but an increase in positive reviews helped bolster its eScore and push it above its competitors.
  • Phillips maintained its top position by maintaining stock levels and also effectively using category keywords in its product titles.




escore rankings-ES

  • The numbers were pretty close in Spain. All of the top brands consistently maintained a 100% Share of Stock during Prime Day. The differentiating points were Share in Search Results and Product Reviews.
  • LG increased its Share in Search to overtake Samsung over the Amazon Prime Day event.
  • However, both of these brands had a notably lower Review Count than other brands which drove down their eScore.




escore rankings-IT

  • LG has had a good June overall in Italy, climbing above the other brands in the early part of the month and maintaining a top position throughout Prime Day thanks to maintaining stock levels and positive customer reviews.
  • TCL is the only brand that saw an increase in its eScore, largely due to a 16pp boost in positive customer reviews.
  • Samsung’s eScore plunged over Prime Day. Again, stock issues were a problem, as well as losing share in search results.



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