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How digital shelf analytics tools are helping beauty brands por Shazia Amin

How digital shelf analytics tools are helping beauty brands

Challenged by challenger brands? Master their game and reclaim your market share.

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Today’s challenger brands in the beauty category are agile, digital natives. Like the icons they aspire to be, these challengers have mastered the magic formula that combines brand identity with captivating design, and placed it at the heart of their merchandising. 

Challengers excel at bringing brand identity to life with great content. They are agile and can execute their strategies without the need to cut through the processes that can hold other brands back. Challengers are growing their e-commerce sales fast, but are their strategies merely skin deep? Is it all about content or is their framework for e-commerce success more complex?

Presenting at our recent 30 min session at FirstMovr’s CATx eCommerce Growth Strategies / Health & Beauty, Shazia Amin explores 

  • the strategies challenger brands are using to win in ecommerce 
  • the competitive advantages iconic brands can tap into to regain market share
  • why beauty is not a “one size fits all” category and why brands need to offer each shopper a unique and relevant experience with robust, interlocking digital shelf strategies.

Play back our session to learn how to challenge the challengers… and win!