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Brazil e-commerce in focus: how digital shelf automation promotes time-saving process improvements in LATAM’s largest marketplace

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Brazil is the largest e-commerce market in Latin America and is growing quickly - e-commerce sales increased 27% in Brazil in 2021 and it’s not slowing down. For global brands, Brazil is a major opportunity:

  • In 2021, Brazil online shopping revenue reached 161 billion Brazilian reals, 30% more than 2020 and twice as much as 2019
  • The e-commerce market in Brazil is predicted to grow 22% between 2021 and 2025
  • Brazilian shoppers are mobile-centric: Most sales are generated through mobile devices
  • High penetration: 75% of the adult Brazilian population shop online
  • Social media is huge: 63% of Brazilian shoppers have made purchases on social media without leaving the app
  • The most popular categories are clothing and accessories, electronic appliances, and beauty and cosmetics.

Creating growth opportunities in Brazil

Case Study: How we helped a global electronics brand achieve a +97% increase in productivity through digital shelf automation

Challenge: Excessive time spent on manual validation

This electronics brand has a strong e-commerce presence worldwide with a history of forward-thinking technology and pioneering innovation. The brand decided to take that thinking to their e-commerce operation in Brazil where the team found themselves spending an excess amount of time manually validating content, leaving little time to track the efficacy of their content, identify opportunities, and take action on gaps. Recognizing that they needed to improve their efficiency, they came to eStoreMedia for help.

“Before [digital shelf automation], I had to open every client website to confirm e-commerce drivers, consuming most of my day and losing sales opportunities”

- e-Commerce Supervisor, Global Electronics Brand

Action: e-Commerce automation with the Perfect Store Framework

Even huge global brands can benefit from lean thinking and that’s exactly what our perfect store framework is all about: identifying and iterating actions you need to take to ensure your products are easy to find and compelling to buy at e-retailers. But that means making the time, which was this electronics brand's first and foremost challenge.
We implemented digital shelf tools that automated nearly all of the validation process on their focus e-retailers in Brazil, freeing up time to implement the perfect store framework and focus on closing gaps. We targeted metrics related to content, assortment and search and identified significant keyword gaps harming search visibility. With our regular health checks and deep dive reports, the brand knew where to take action.

Value: +97% increase in productivity through time saving

The time-saving benefits of digital shelf automation cannot be underestimated. In this case, the brand was able to reduce the time required to take action from 4 days to just 2 hours. We effectively created an extra 94 hours per week to devote to value-added tasks that could actually contribute to sales. With significantly more time than ever before, the brand was able to focus on closing keyword gaps and improving content, two contributing factors in driving traffic and improving conversion. The brand regained previously lost opportunities to build sales and achieved an overall 45% increase in their digital shelf score in 10 months.

Shazia Amin
Shazia Amin
Head of Insights

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