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How a multinational food brand used data to drive e-commerce adoption por Shazia Amin

How a multinational food brand used data to drive e-commerce adoption

How the e-commerce team at this Mexico-based multinational food company used data analytics to motivate key account managers
and drive adoption of digital shelf tools across the business.



Challenge: Inconsistent adoption of digital shelf metrics
to monitor performance

This multinational company based in Mexico has been a major player in the food and beverage business since 1914. With 24 major brands globally, the e-commerce team recognized that data analytics was key to maintaining visibility of their portfolio across both omnichannel and pure-play digital grocers such as Amazon Mexico and Mercado Libre. In light of ongoing post-pandemic pressures and rising inflation, the team sought to engage KAMs to make e-commerce a priority.


Why should e-commerce be a priority for food and beverage
brands in Mexico?


Action: Motivate KAMs with the metrics that matter

We worked with the team to help them effectively communicate the power of digital shelf monitoring to their KAMs and develop a strategy that KAMs could use to make more informed decisions about their accounts. This involved:


  • Coordinating with KAMs on their priority KPIs and translating those KPIs into metrics they could measure and influence using digital shelf analytics tools. 
  • Working with their team to benchmark their performance against competitors and identify opportunities to get ahead.
  • All KAMs identified product content as a major problem area and so we made content metrics a priority. We coordinated with the e-commerce team and the KAMs to establish targets for these metrics and customized the tool to measure what matters most for their priority SKUs and retailers
  • These metrics were reported via an intuitive dashboard that included their digital shelf score, an aggregated score of e-commerce performance based on the most important metrics that influence online sales. 



Value: e-commerce excellence across the business

Our collaborative approach helped align the e-commerce team with the rest of the business, including KAMs and the commercial team in several crucial ways.  


  • Our digital shelf score was chosen as the benchmark for sales-based bonuses, further motivating the KAMs and providing an engagement strategy that they could replicate across their global markets. 
  • With our digital shelf tools, they achieved a 14% improvement in content performance
    and an overall 10% improvement in their digital shelf score in just three months. 
  • The e-commerce team gained buy-in to grow their team to further improve their efficacy and drive e-commerce excellence across the business. 
  • The company now has 6 power users commanding use of the tool, keeping on top of information constantly, and turning that information into action that improves the business and improves sales for KAMs.


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