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Love Me, Love My Dog por Shazia Amin

Love Me, Love My Dog

How to Harness the Voice of the Customer to Win Hearts and Build Loyalty.

Today's pet-loving shoppers are vocal when it comes to sharing their pet's likes and dislikes, particularly when it comes to food. There is a vast amount of user-generated content on Amazon alone, and it's a treasure trove of insights. With live case examples, using the latest in Natural Language Processing technology, we will show you how data can be mined at scale to extract the priceless insights that identify the most popular themes and the characteristics your shoppers like or dislike most.

Our recent session at the firstmovr online conference includes:

• How to quickly translate the Voice of the Customer into actionable insights
• The strategies that will turn negative sentiment around and build loyalty
• Why shoppers really prefer your brand over others and how to use this to your competitive advantage

If you missed our 30 minute session you can watch it here now.