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Unifying ecommerce Expertise for a Global Cosmetics Giant

Learn how we assisted a global cosmetic brand in boosting their ecommerce performance by 27%.

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About the brand and its challenges

The customer is a major player within the global cosmetics industry, known for its innovative beauty and haircare solutions. With diverse teams spread across multiple markets, the company faced challenges in unifying their e-commerce expertise and aligning their online sales strategies.


Inconsistent ecommerce expertise across teams and markets leadingto disconnected strategies.


Limited knowledge exchange and collaboration between different teams due to a lack of communication and interaction.


A desire among some markets to understand the ecommerce landscape better and gain insights into competitor activities.


Underutilization of advanced ecommerce tools in some markets despite their availability.

Our cooperation

Recognizing the diverse challenges, we designed a comprehensive plan focused on unifying ecommerce expertise, enhancing collaboration, and leveraging competitive insights for growth. We implemented a series of educational workshops and interactive sessions to bridge the knowledge gap between different teams. These sessions highlighted the latest trends in ecommerce and demonstrated the effective use of advanced ecommerce tools. We introduced a platform to foster regular interaction and knowledge exchange between different teams, ensuring they were aware of each other’s activities and could learn from each other’s experiences. Additionally, we provided market-specific competitor analysis to the teams eager to understand their industry better. This empowered them to make informed strategic decisions and enhance their ecommerce performance.


Our approach fostered a culture of collaboration and knowledge exchange across all markets. The teams began to leverage their shared insights and unified ecommerce expertise to drive improved digital shelf performance. This led to a 27% increase in ecommerce performance between Q2 and Q3. The success of this project has paved the way for enhanced team collaboration and knowledge sharing, leading to a more cohesive ecommerce strategy across all markets.


increase in ecommerce performance.

Improved utilization of ecommerce tools and understanding of industry trends.

Enhanced team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Successful implementation of a unified ecommerce strategy across multiple markets.