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Helping deliver record half year results through eStoreCheck Adoption for a Global Pharmaceutical Brand

Discover how we significantly boosted Amazon sales in collaboration with a Global Pharmaceutical Brand.

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About the brand and its challenges

The Customer, a prominent global pharmaceutical company with a strong presence in Europe, the U.S., and Canada, boasts an extensive portfolio comprising thousands of products. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has positioned them as a market leader in the pharmaceutical industry.


Poor product availability on key online retailers in fast growing markets (i.e. Italy)


Complete lack of visibility into digital shelf performance


Inability to prioritise actions with highest ROI from frequent and multiple data points

These challenges made it difficult for the company to understand which e-retailer or product linewas affecting their market share and which areas (search, traffic) to prioritise in order to to improve online sales.

Our cooperation

eStore implemented digital shelf analytics (eStoreCheck) and Amazon Sales & Shares (AMZ Navigator) technologies globally, across 13 markets, to help Customer make data- centric decisions.

Working together we delivered results through intuitive dashboards, deepdive reports, and automated alerts, highlighting key areas of focus.



sales increase on Amazon.it within 2 months following partnership with eStoreBrands.

Automating processes of identifying growth opportunities across Product Detail Pages reduced the manual effort needed by 23%. This time was then used to act on the provided recommendations, resulting in sales growth that exceeded our expectations.

Dashboards were developed to assist all local and global teams in organizing their work, prioritizing tasks, and internal reporting.