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Optimizing Omnichannel Presence for a Global Soft Drink Brand

Learn how we supported a leading soft drinks brand in refining their omnichannel strategy using location-based data.

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About the brand and its challenges

The customer is a world-renowned soft drink brand with a significant global presence, known for their innovative marketing strategies and multiple flavors. Despite their strong offline sales, they faced challenges in unifying their digital shelf presence across multiple online retailers and markets, while also ensuring that competitor brands did not encroach upon their digital shelf space.


Inconsistent ecommerce expertise across teams leading to fragmented omnichannel strategies.


Difficulty in tracking inventory and performance across multiple online platforms, causing missed sales opportunities.


Limited understandingof the competitive landscapewithin different e-commerce channels, causing the potential for competitor brands to increase their presence


Lack of real-time, granular data causing inefficiencies in inventory and pricing strategies, potentially benefiting competitor brands.

Our cooperation

Our first step was to educate the teams about the importance of a unified digital shelf strategy and the role of our Location-based solution in achieving it. We conducted a series of workshops and interactive sessions focused on e-commerce trends, competitive analysis, and effective utilization of the eStoreCheck Location-based analytics. To streamline their inventory management, we delivered daily location-based insights, allowing the customer to monitor their stock levels efficiently, prevent out-of-stock situations, and ensure a consistent customer experience across all points of sale. eStoreCheck Location-based analytics also provided the customer with real-time insights into their competitors’ activities within different markets. This data was crucial for enabling them to make informed pricing and marketing decisions that prevented competitors from gaining an increased presence in stores.


Through our collaboration and the use of our eStoreCheck Location-based Solution, the customer enhanced their e-commerce capabilities, developed a unified digital shelf strategy, and efficiently managed their online inventory.

Our combined efforts effectively prevented competitors from increasing their brand presence in stores, leading to a 22% rise in the customer's e-commerce results between Q2 and Q3. The rapid access to data and insights we provided enabled the customer to promptly respond to changing market conditions and competitor actions. 


increase in e-commerce performance

Enhanced competitive analysis and pricing strategy leadingto a stronger digital shelf presence

Improved inventory management and reduced lost sales opportunities.

Faster data acquisition and response time compared to standard omnichannel solutions.