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Enhancing Strategic Focus for a Leading Toy Brand Across 50+ Global Markets

Discover how we assisted a global toy brand in unifying their operations across 50 markets worldwide.

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About the brand and its challenges

The customer is a major global toy manufacturer with a vast and diverse product range spanning across 50+ international markets. With a portfolio of over 1,000 SKUs, the brand is widely recognized and operates in numerous strategic product areas catering to different age groups, activities, and types of toys.


No consistent data Management model for products


Limited ability to decide whichproducts needed attention


Complex way of drawing conclusions and Identifying opportunities for growth

The manual analysis of the data was onerous, and these challenges made it difficult for the brand to bring strategic focus to their operations. These resulted in a slower decision making process and made it challenging for the brand to optimize their product portfolio to meet the evolving needs of their customers.


Our collaboration successfully demonstrated how digital tools can be used to manage massive portfolios, enabling teams across more than 50 markets to automatically track over 1000 SKUs across 5,000 strategic product groups with just a click. In just three months, we were able to implement our digital shelf automation tools and help the brand scale up its e-commerce function on a global scale. This brought strategic focus and a new level of efficiency to the operation. It also enabled more accurate, data-led decision-making when it came to optimizing the online portfolio. The brand was impressed with the speed and accuracy of our tools, and appreciated the seamless integration with their existing systems.


markets using eStoreBrands insights, tools and processes


strategic product groups tracked daily


SKUs tracked on a daily basis


from initial training to full adoption