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Versuni Reduces Planning Time by 88%for Complex Portfolio in Emerging Markets

Discover how we helped Versuni optimize their planning processes, resulting in substantial time savings.

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About the brand and its challenges

Versuni, formerly Philips Domestic Appliances, is a leading manufacturer operating in over 100 markets with a diverse portfolio. In emerging markets like Czech Republic and Slovakia, they manage over 200 SKUs across 23 sub-categories on 13 e-retail sites. However, the team had no centralized system to monitor their extensive online portfolio, leading to manual checks of content and stock levels, which was time-consuming.


Simplify the planning process and free up time for more strategic work.


See opportunities to improve search, content and reviews.


Consolidate all digital shelf metrics in one place, andmerge reporting and analysis.


Track their products’ position in category before, duringand after campaigns.

Our cooperation

Having seen how other Versuni markets were benefiting from our digital shelf automation tool eStoreCheck, the CZ/CS team was keen to understand how the service could solve their problems.

eStoreBrand’s implementation team worked with Versuni to scope the project in line with priorities and implement eStoreCheck, a next generation data analytics tool for ecommerce teams.

We have monthly status updates with the client so that we can continually improve their performance and respond to the dynamics of each category.

We have regular insight meetings that draw relevant information from the data and develop strategies to respond to current challenges. We cover topics such as how to work with e-retailer algorithms to improve visibility, how to prepare for seasonal sales events, and best practices to improve content.


Our approach fostered a culture of collaboration and knowledge exchange across all markets. The teams began to leverage their shared insights and unified ecommerce expertise to drive improved digital shelf performance. This led to a 27% increase in ecommerce performance between Q2 and Q3. The success of this project has paved the way for enhanced team collaboration and knowledge sharing, leading to a more cohesive ecommerce strategy across all markets.


increase in ecommerce performance.

Improved utilization of ecommerce tools and understanding of industry trends.

Enhanced team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Successful implementation of a unified ecommerce strategy across multiple markets.