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Case Study +97% increase in productivity through digital shelf automation por Head of Insights

Case Study +97% increase in productivity through digital shelf automation


How a global electronics brand used digital shelf automation tools to regain 97% of time spent on manual tasks and achieve a 45% improvement in their digital shelf score in just 10 months.

  • +97% time saving from manual tasks
  • +45% increase in digital shelf score



Excessive time spent on manual validation

This electronics brand has a strong presence in four major e-retailers in Brazil. However, the e-commerce team found themselves spending an excess of time manually validating content, leaving little time to take action on gaps. Recognizing that they needed to improve their efficiency, they came to eStoreMedia for help.

“Before eStoreCheck, I had to open every client website to confirm e-commerce drivers, consuming most of my day and losing sales opportunities” - eCommerce Supervisor, Global Electronics Brand



e-Commerce automation with the Perfect Store Framework

We helped the brand implement digital shelf tools that automated nearly all of the validation process, freeing up time to focus on closing gaps. We targeted metrics related to content, assortment and search and identified significant keyword gaps that were harming search visibility. With our regular health checks and deep dive reports, the brand knew where to take action.



+97% increase in productivity through time saving

Through digital shelf automation, the brand was able to reduce the time required to take action from 4 days to just 2 hours. With significantly more time than ever before, the brand was able to focus on closing keyword gaps and improving content, two contributing factors in driving traffic and improving conversion. The brand regained previously lost opportunities to build sales and achieved an overall 45% increase in their digital shelf score in 10 months.