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ESG Report 2023

In eStoreBrands we believe that we can help change the world around us and the way we operate our business for the better. Our success is rooted in our IMPACT values (you can find them in the last chapter of this report), which guide our actions internally within teams, towards our Clients, our business partners and society.  Our ambition is to constantly create and improve the conditions for sustainable business that is fair and ethical, respecting diversity and the environment now and for the future, while creating a trusted brand and a successful and enjoyable workplace.

Starting in H1 2022 we took a more systemic approach to our environmental, social and corporate responsibility actions, to be able to transparently define priorities and monitor their realisation. Our efforts were directed to establish a framework of responsibilities and undertake actions with focus on four areas:

  • building an inclusive workplace where all employees feel safe, are treated with respect and can feel good about their work;
  • minimising our negative environmental impact;
  • maximising our positive social impact;
  • creating a transparent, efficient and sustainable organisation.

General Corporate Responsibility Framework

In a company that operates in a rapidly changing business environment our everyday efforts are focused primarily on creating added value for our Clients. While we were growing in the number of employees and in geographical scope the need for a systemic approach to  Corporate Responsibility became apparent.  Thus, in early 2022 we nominated a manager to be responsible for environment, social and governance issues.

As a result the first eStoreBrands Corporate Responsibility Report has been published. This is based on documented actions that are aligned with our internal IMPACT values. Discussions have started around the environmental, social responsibility and governance practices, followed by a set of organised actions and planning our ambitions for 2023 and beyond.


eStoreBrands has always been a place where environmental concerns were taken very seriously, thanks to our employees’ engagement and the management approach to minimising any negative impact on the planet that is caused by the Company.  

Our Company offices in Warsaw and London were chosen to provide good public transportation, without the need for private transport, thus limiting the city air pollution.  For years the company has been encouraging cycle riding, providing bicycle parking and showers for all who want to ride a bike back and forth to work. In May 2022, the next step was made and the Warsaw office employees can borrow a company cycle for free, for an unlimited period of time, (bike helmets are also provided, to encourage road safety).

In our London and Warsaw offices strict refuse management is implemented in all social spaces to allow cheaper and easier recycling of paper, plastic, metal and organic waste.

To limit usage of plastic bottles water dispensers are available for all employees, providing cold and hot liquid, and in May 2022 all employees were presented with reusable aluminium flasks to help get rid of throwaway cups and bottles at the company premises and for use outside of the workplace. eStoreBrands actively promotes a non-paper policy both internally and in contact with our Clients and Partners. The only paper documents that are produced in eStoreBrands are those required by law and those specifically required by Clients. eStoreBrands promotes remote meetings to reduce any unnecessary use of transportation.  Each new employee is presented with the Video Call Tips to make these meetings efficient. Our Warsaw office is also powered by renewable energy – in order to minimise our carbon footprint we purchase electricity that is produced by onshore wind farms.

certificate-eonIn 2023 H1 we will focus on using self-assessment calculations to measure our carbon footprint and on further actions that will reduce our impact on the environment, starting with training and employee workshops to help identify and change  business practices.  In the future we plan to continue purchasing our electricity from sustainable sources and at the same time we will work on ways to limit our energy consumption.

The detailed directions of our environmental activities will be influenced by the workshops around our Corporate Responsibility Policy planned in H1 2023.


We have a long history of social responsibility, which is a strong element of the eStoreBrands culture and our company values.  From its beginning the company and its employees engaged in various actions to help society and the general wellbeing of its less privileged members, starting from smaller individual actions that were spread internally to much larger centrally orchestrated projects that involved employees of eStoreBrands all over the globe.

From its beginning the company has been an equal opportunity employer that always promotes diversity and inclusion.  The company has always employed people based purely on merit, regardless of their nationality, sex, age, disabilities, race or religious beliefs.   We have always ensured full Salary equality with no pay-gaps of any kind.

The recent tragic events in Ukraine mobilised the community of eStoreBrands to organise help and support in many areas. Since the very early days of the conflict the internal company communication tools were used to share information on grass-root, spontaneous actions such as first aid material donations, transportation of refugees and the search for short and medium term shelters for refugees.  Within one week the efforts were coordinated and as a result several initiatives were developed and implemented at the company level. Thanks to the generosity of our employees we have raised over EUR  4,600 to cover the needs of refugees and the Ukrainians that stayed in their country.  The sum was then doubled by a company donation with the final sum exceeding  EUR 9,300. Warsaw office employees involved themselves voluntarily in the renovation of a large house in Konstancin (a garden city in the outskirts of Warsaw) to adjust it to the needs of a refugee hostel for women with children of all ages.  Our efforts were noticed and the hostel was the subject of local TV news.

In parallel the company offered material and mental support for the employees with Ukrainian connections and any Ukrainian relatives.

eStoreBrands has always believed that the company can thrive only when its employees thrive. There has always been a strong focus on employees’ well-being.  
In H1 2022 we conducted an Employee NPS survey to gather the feedback and to pinpoint the areas for further improvements in terms of Talent Management.  On a daily basis the employees of eStoreBrands may enjoy:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables every day
  • Mental health assistance (a remote helpline for all staff)
  • Physical wellbeing: private healthcare + gym membership (cost participation)
  • Good working conditions – new ergonomic furniture and pets are allowed in the office.

In addition to IMPACT values, in H1 2022 we have created an Employer DNA framework to reflect our belief in a “multinational company with a startup spirit” culture.  The Employer DNA is a pledge regarding the whole eStoreBrands way of life and the way we do business.


The safety of employees is crucial for the sustainability of the company, thus each new joiner is trained in Health and Safety Rules.  The Company has had no serious complaints or any claims associated with breach of any Health and Safety regulations.

To ensure our diversity monitoring, we continually track the proportional difference of employees once a year, on the basis of gender and age.


Development of the company's talents is a cornerstone of the development of the whole company. We have developed and implemented the Performance and Development Review Process in H1 2022.  The number of employees that went through the process was 54% in H1  and 88% in H2. 

To encourage the development of the employees, cooperation and sharing best practices and knowledge, in H2 we introduced the Internal Trainers program, based on volunteer applications, with five programs:

  • Google Sheets - Basic
  • Situational Leadership
  • Branding & Design
  • Getting Things Done
  • Giving and receiving feedback.


As a SaaS based data driven company we value all data and consider it one of our most important assets. As a result we pay special attention to data protection issues.

In H1 2022 we developed and implemented an ISO 27001 based Information Security Management System, meaning we have implemented data security functions and structures, trained and tested all employees in regard to Information Security and trained a group of Internal Information Security auditors, to be able to conduct regular audits internally.

The first internal audit was done in mid-June, covering the whole eStoreBrands team.

The certificate confirming implementation and usage of the management system that is in accordance with EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017 standard in the scope of development, delivery and maintenance of auditing, supplementing and reporting products in e-commerce in the SaaS model was issued by GCS Quality Ltd.  on August 25, 2022 and is valid till August 24, 2025.

certicate GCS

Our Information Security Management System covers a Business Continuity Plan to increase sustainability of operations in case of fire, flood, war, terrorist attack,  pandemic, etc.

The other protective and mitigation solutions in association with data security are covered by our Data Management Policy (effective as per February 1, 2022).  

eStoreBrands uses advanced antivirus software as well as 2-step identification and access management to diminish the risk of any data leaks, and all employees are trained with data protection rules.

The eStoreBrands approach to any form of bribery and corruption is absolute zero tolerance, and the Anti-corruption Policy is being prepared.

Another ambition for H1 2023 is to constantly raise the awareness of data protection importance, through regular training and sharing industry best practices.

In H1 2023 and the future eStoreBrands will be focusing on business transparency and ethics, with diversity, inclusion and trust at the core of the Company’s set of values (IMPACT) to establish the solid foundations for building business sustainability and rapid growth.

Our ambitions for H1 2023 and beyond

By the end of H1 2023 eStoreBrands will:

  • develop and implement  Corporate Responsibility Policies (fully sponsored by our CEO),
  • organise discussions around the Policy across all teams and organisational levels to embed our ESG approach in the Company and to define ESG ambitions for 2023,
  • prepare an ESG training framework for new and current employees to win their understanding and engagement and to ensure the Corporate Responsibility actions and achievements are part of eStoreBrands everyday life,
  • assess its current standing against the highest ESG standards,
  • issue the second Corporate Responsibility Report (the reporting frequency is twice a year).

Environment Ambitions

In H1 2023 we will focus on a self assessment calculation of our carbon footprint and on actions for reduction, starting from training and workshops to review the need to change business practices.  In the future we plan to continue to source sustainable electricity and at the same time we will work out ways of limiting our energy consumption.

The detailed directions of the environmental activities will be influenced by the workshops around our Corporate Responsibility Policy planned in Q1 2023.

Social Ambitions

Our ambition for H1 2023 and beyond is to keep a similar level of engagement of employees with regard to social responsibility, including the refugee crisis, and intensifying our support for eStoreBrands staff and their families with Ukrainian links.

For the Polish office the solutions described in Equal Opportunity Policy, Grievance Process, Whistleblowing and Disciplinary Policy will be implemented as separate documents or will be covered by our Employment Agreement (subject to the compliance with Polish law).  

Another objective is to improve the areas that were underperforming according to the results of the Employee NPS survey held in Spring 2022.  The detailed directions of the social activities will be influenced by the workshops around Corporate Responsibility Policy planned in Q1 2023.

100% of employees should be part of the Performance and Development Review process at the end of Q1 2023.

Governance Ambitions

Anti-corruption Policy in Poland to be implemented in H1 2023, together with company wide training.

Another ambition for H1 2023 is to constantly raise the awareness and importance of data protection, through training and sharing industry best practices.

In H1 2023 and the future eStoreBrands will be focusing on business transparency and ethics, with diversity, inclusion and trust at the core of the  Company’s set of values (IMPACT) to establish solid foundations for building business sustainability and rapid growth.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, contact us at GDPR@eStoreBrands.com.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, contact us at GDPR@eStoreBrands.com.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, contact us at GDPR@eStoreBrands.com.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, contact us at GDPR@eStoreBrands.com.

eStoreBrands IMPACT values

Ready for a career with a values-driven organization? Our success stems from a core set of principles (IMPACT) that define our culture, identity, and decision-making. If you're eager to join a team where shared values shape industry success, we'd love to hear from you. Let's craft our industry's future together!

Makes things happen
Plays in a team
Client focused
  • Aim to Improve yourself and everything around you

  • Innovate, initiate, challenge the status quo

  • Individually improve, be curious and inquisitive

  • Be persistent, be engaged

  • Operate with discipline

  • Deliver on the last MILE

  • Be proactive

  • Deliver company goals and take the ownership

  • Show respect for others, their time

  • Communicate among Teams

  • Share idea of one team-one dream

  • Develop each other and exceed colleagues expectations

  • Understand the Client is in the center of our activities

  • Make sure Client is satisfied and act in a way that makes all of us proud

  • Integrity

  • Building inclusive environment

  • Being reliable by making commitment and delivering on promise