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eStoreCheck - a global, full-category, digital shelf monitoring platform that empowers consumer brands to win more sales in online stores.

A global, full-category, digital shelf monitoring platform that empowers consumer brands to win more sales in online stores.

Monitor your brand’s online presence on the digital shelf, spot opportunities to close sales gaps, prioritize your actions and automate your processes for faster results.


What it is

eStoreCheck is the only digital shelf monitoring platform that is AI‑empowered to provide enhanced, predictive analytics for brands who sell online. It delivers timely, complete category insights, with dynamic benchmarking and unrivalled scalability across 1,000s of online retailers in the world’s largest e‑commerce markets.

It allows you to spot gaps on the digital shelf and prioritize actions, measure performance and create winning strategies. eStoreCheck creates internal focus on critical e‑commerce KPIs including Availability, Content, Price & Promotions, Search Performance, and Ratings & Reviews.

Integrating with eStoreContent, it allows for rapid and automated content deployment across multiple e‑retail sites and online marketplaces.

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What you get with eStoreCheck

Your products’ daily performance, benchmarked against your KPI framework, across 1000s of world-wide e-retailers, analyzed and prioritized for action. Features we know you will love include:

    • Easy to grasp category analytics with our OneNumber dashboard.
    • OneView gap-closing dashboard and Alerts help you take action faster  and gain competitive advantage.
    • The most advanced e-content tracking, integrated with eStoreContent PIM, automates actions and minimizes time and error.
    • Full category analysis to design intelligent competitive strategies.
    • World-class data harvesting, auditing and product matching processes ensure brands achieve the highest level of accuracy.
    • Onboarding methodology designed to ease transition, fine tune dashboards and bring teams up to speed quickly.
    • Fully integrated with our extended product suite for automated business processing.

Monitored parameters

Within our Perfect Store model we monitor all fundamental aspects of your brand’s presence on the digital shelf:


Never lose a sale because your brand is Out of Stock. Our Availability tracker identifies daily gaps and helps you manage distribution.

tags-stackPrice & Promo

Is your product competitive and profitable? Monitor daily Price & Promo changes to optimize sales during e‑retailer sales events and all year round.

basket-searchVisibility in Search and Category Navigation

Make it easy for shoppers to find your brand in e-stores, and maintain your search ranking over time by monitoring keyword performance by e‑retailer.

like-2Ratings & Reviews

Make sure your products’ Star Ratings are high, convincing shoppers to buy. Monitor the volume of Reviews: the more you have, the better you perform.


Improve search rank, engagement and conversion while protecting your brand by monitoring the quality and integrity of Product Detail Page content.


Monitor iMedia (banners, deals and e‑coupons) execution and spend. Improve effectiveness by monitoring your and competitions' performance across e‑commerce platforms.

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"Implementing eStoreCheck has allowed us to monitor the visibility, accuracy and completeness of Whirlpool products online, easily moving from insight to action."

Daine Haughton
Digital Content Manager @ Whirlpool UK

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