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eStoreContent - the complete Product Information Management (PIM) platform for e‑commerce content creation, approval, hosting, management & retail-partner syndication.

The complete Product Information Management (PIM) platform for e‑commerce content creation, approval, hosting, management & retail-partner syndication.

Automate e-content related processes to ensure your brand's presentation on e-retailer sites wins shoppers' hearts and minds when they stand in front of the digital shelf.

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What it is

Rapid growth in online retail creates an increased demand for better content and faster deployment. eStoreContent is our leading Product Information Management (PIM) platform that makes it simple for brands to maintain accurate, consistent and rich content across multiple e-retailers.

eStoreContent is Software as a Service (SaaS) that includes everything you need to create, manage and deliver rich product page content to e-retailers, online marketplaces and e‑commerce sites.

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What you get with eStoreContent

End-to-end product content syndication, mapped to meet each of your e-retailers' requirements. Features we know you will love include:

    • A creation and approvals process that streamlines the way you produce rich product cards.
    • The ability to create rich media that combines text, video, images and more from your content asset library.
    • Multi-language support with one-click content translation.
    • Content syndication, transformation, and delivery to individual e-retailer specifications.
    • Analytics that track your content implementation and generate automated gap-closing actions.

How eStoreContent Helps you

StreamlineStreamline Content Management

Workflows that are designed to speed up processes and reduce errors by removing the need for emails, multiple attachments, or large file transfers.

ico-esc-syndicationSimplify Content Implementation

Syndication and automated deployment of content that meets each of your e‑retailers' specifications.

ico-esc-effective-2Maximize Content Effectiveness

Continually audit the effectiveness of your content in online channels. Automate updates to close gaps faster.

eye-19Improve Conversion and Grow Sales

Create compelling product detail pages that drive conversion by combining multiple media types from your asset library or third party sources.

translationNo more One Size Fits All

Translating content in just one click allows global brands to quickly deploy content that resonates in local markets.

Find out how automating your content management can increase your effectiveness.

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"Thanks to eStoreContent I was able to create and syndicate rich product cards to my key e-retailers, leading to a significant improvement in the brand experience of my customers when they shop online."

Dariusz Mitura
Ecommerce & Key Account Manager @ Nestlé

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