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Digital Shelf Survival Guide for Brands Q4 2022

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e-Commerce strategies and insights to help CPG brands get strong Q4 results, even in turbulent economic times.

Inflation is the economic story of 2022. While shoppers begin to feel the squeeze on their wallets, consumer brands will need to walk a thin line when it comes to balancing Q4 margins and retaining shopper loyalty. Success for brands in Q4 2022 will rely on their ability to work with retailers to create real value. Tried and tested promotion and pricing formulas are unlikely to be relevant or even achievable for brands this year.

In this handy guide, we will focus on strategies and hacks consumer brands can apply based on data and insights that your Digital Shelf Analytics tool can provide.

We will cover:

  • The top challenges for Q4 2022 and how to overcome them
  • What we can learn from Prime Day 2022
  • How to use digital shelf data to inform your strategy
  • Hacks and tips that will improve your performance
  • A handy checklist for ensuring you are in good shape, in plenty of time
  • Timeline and key dates