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eCommerce Growth Strategies for Global Brands

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Adapting your Perfect Store Framework for the Digital Shelf

As digital advancement continues to fuel growth in mobile-, social- and e-commerce, it presents consumer product manufacturers with an ever-evolving set of opportunities and risks. Add to this the effect of the Coronavirus global pandemic — the factor that single-handedly accelerated a monumental shift to online shopping — and you have a colossal increase in e-commerce demand, almost overnight, that no one could have predicted.

In this eBook, we highlight some of the first steps needed to develop your e-commerce channel
strategy, and outline the success factors involved. The eBook covers some of the key steps in the
Strategy phase of eStoreMedia’s e-Commerce Perfect Store model including:

+ Researching your Retail Partner Options
+ Planning your Assortment
+ Optimizing Product Descriptions and Content
+ Understanding your Channel Pricing Strategy
+ Setting and Achieving Relevant Rating and Review Targets
+ Preparing to Win the Battle for Online Store Search
+ Managing iMedia Investment to Build Brand Awareness
+ Defining Accurate KPIs and predefine actions.