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How to Design your e‑Commerce Strategy

Perfect Store execution playbook for brands.


Recent years have seen the most profound changes in the retail channel in over 100 years. The growth of online-, mobile- and social-commerce, and the rapidly changing expectations of the omnichannel shopper present a number of challenges, and opportunities for consumer product manufacturers. 

Online sales value may still lag traditional brick and mortar sales in most categories, but e-commerce accounts for all the growth. In addition, as consumers ignore traditional channel boundaries, the online retail channel has increasingly emerged as the place where shoppers experience your products for the first time – even if they don’t purchase online.

The e-commerce channel has taken on a significance that far outweighs raw sales figures. Consumer products manufacturers need to align their tactics to take into account its growing importance. To help brands succeed in the new retail landscape eStoreMedia has developed the e-Commerce Perfect Store Framework.

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