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How to empower your organization to win the digital shelf

Communicate the language of e-Commerce to the people you need to influence internally to effectively do your job and master the digital shelf.


The explosion of e-commerce during Covid makes it easy to assume that e-commerce has hit maturity, but in terms of pure numbers, e-commerce is very much still in its infancy – it’s not until businesses cross the 30-40% threshold in e-commerce as a percentage of total business that the absolute growth numbers will be bigger in e-commerce than it is from other sources.

This is an exciting opportunity for organizations to get ahead of the curve, practice innovation, and win the digital shelf over less forward-thinking competitors. But it’s also a huge challenge for e-commerce professionals trying to set up processes within their business for digital shelf
success. And in a world as rapidly changing and complex as e-commerce, those processes – and adaptability within those processes – are key.

This guide for e-Commerce professionals will show you how to gain the buy-in and resources you need to make e-Commerce a priority within your organization.

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