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How to Succeed in the e‑Commerce Channel (Download)

Perfect Store execution playbook for brands.


The growth of e-commerce has left product manufacturers and global brands struggling to deal with the evolving needs of online retailers, and changing shopper expectations. Despite years of brick and mortar experience, the shift to e-commerce finds established consumer product brands starting with a blank sheet of paper when it comes to planning and executing effective channel tactics for their products. The online channel is a new world that requires new thinking, new skills and new tools. It’s a paradigm no longer dependent on store locations, shelf-space, billboards, packaging and physical point-of-sale promotions. Instead, brands need to think in terms of data analysis, content, search performance, consumer reviews and digital media. To help brands navigate the online environment eStoreMedia developed the e-Commerce Perfect Store Framework. An e-Commerce Perfect Store is a store where your products or brands are present in a way that maximizes their sales opportunity.

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