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Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023 - October - Beauty

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Just how big of a deal was Amazon Prime Big Deal Days?

eSTORE tracked the activities and data across three markets – U.S., U.K. and Germany – to provide a data recap and high-level insights. We offer some “Pro Tips” to help brands excel on the digital shelf during these key seasonal and promotional events.

Find out which Beauty brands won. How aggressive they got with their deals and discounts. And what strategies and activations proved successful during this unofficial kickoff to the 2023 holiday season.


  1. Deals and Discounts: Hype or happening?
  2. Search and Visibility: How discoverable was your brand?
  3. Winning Brands: Who dominated the Best Sellers list?
  4. Strategies that work during Amazon events
  5. Watchouts to protect your investment


Sample of what’s inside…

Average Discount Level - Beauty vs. other select categories

No close shave in Germany as Remington proves to be the clear winner.