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Procurement Guide: Evaluating Digital Shelf, RFP or RFI Process

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Digital Shelf Monitoring technology is complex. Data and analytics technologies are evolving at speed. The range of tools and vendors is extensive.

Finding the right digital shelf analytics platform can be a complicated technical evaluation process. Are you prepared?

This guide helps:

  • e-Commerce leaders explain the role digital shelf intelligence plays in growing sales. It also acts as an easy point of reference to ensure the RFP/RFI is comprehensive.
  • Procurement teams thoroughly evaluate and select the best solution for their specific business requirements.

Download our guide to learn:

  • The role digital shelf analytics plays in e-commerce sales performance
  • The range of tools available from basic to advanced
  • The questions you need to ask to discover how the platform will address your business needs
  • How to lead detailed discussions about
    • the technical design of the tool and how that impacts reporting and usability
    • the vendor’s commitment to development
    • data processing methodologies and quality
    • and customer service

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