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What brands need to know to succeed in online grocery in 2022

The fundamental rules for brands wanting to increase eCommerce sales are simple: increase traffic to your product pages, and create winning product content that converts.

However, getting traffic has become increasingly tricky. This is particularly true for online grocery, which we all know boomed during the pandemic during 2020-2021. Grocery ecommerce retailers like Tesco and Morrisons are becoming increasingly more crowded, making it harder and harder for food and beverage brands to stand out in search results. Brands not only face competition from other brands, but also supermarket private labels which now account for over 50% of sales, and that number is growing. On Morrisons alone, a search for “crisps” returns 232 products, 38 of which is Morrisons own brand products. How can you rank at the top of the results for the keywords that matter most to your brand, particularly when there are so many other competing products on the shelf?

This ecommerce guide for UK food and beverage brands provides an overview of the online grocery market, covering 8 major retailers and deciphering their nuances. Discover who, how, and what you can influence for retailer SEO and conversion. You’ll also learn our top hacks for mastering the fundamentals so that you can execute your grocery ecommerce strategy in the most effective way possible.

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