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Decoding Retailer Search Algorithms por Shazia Amin

Decoding Retailer Search Algorithms

10 Digital Shelf SEO Hacks to Decode Retailer Search Algorithms

We spend a lot of time helping brands understand retailer search engines so they can identify the most powerful levers they can pull to impact search rank. It’s not all about keyword SEO. Other factors like sales velocity, pricing, promos, and conversion rate can all impact search results depending on the sophistication of the retailer.

We group retailer search algorithms into one of three buckets :

  • Basic - Keyword driven
  • Intermediate - Keyword and category driven
  • Advanced - Multiple direct and indirect ranking factors

Of course, as a brand selling on the digital shelf, you want to understand what those ranking factors are. Unfortunately retailers tend to keep their algorithms a heavily guarded secret, with a few exceptions (Tokopedia for example has been very transparent about how they developed their search algorithm which makes for fascinating reading!). For most retailers, you’ll need to do some detective work.

In this infographic we share our Top 10 Hacks for Decoding Retailer Search Algorithms. The good news is, most of them you can do NOW simply with a web browser. Some require more advanced digital shelf tracking which you can achieve with our tools. If you want to really get under the hood of retailer search algorithms beyond simply the basics, get in touch.