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eCommerce Tool ecosystem: Integrated to Deliver end‑to‑end Performance por Adriaan van den Berg

eCommerce Tool ecosystem: Integrated to Deliver end‑to‑end Performance

Seamless integration from e-commerce strategy, to content execution and performance measurement, is the Holy Grail for brands.


Like any front-line brand role, the job of e-commerce director or manager is a lot easier to accomplish if you have access to the right tools. There are many, increasingly sophisticated, options available today including content management, research and analytics solutions. However, the proliferation of disconnected tools can complicate processes for product manufacturers actually making it harder to deliver value – integration is the key to achieving positive outcomes.

Product manufacturers are building online channel ecosystems including digital content management and syndication, data analytics tools and more in their efforts to automate more processes, and to gain usable insights from the wealth of information available. The risk is that these disparate tools and data sources end up in silos, rather than coming together to help brands to understand and execute on the actions they need to succeed in the digital channel.

Integrated e-Commerce Ecosystem

Seamless integration from e-commerce strategy, to content execution and performance measurement is the Holy Grail for Fortune 500 brands, but all too often many are left trying to get results from point solutions cobbled together from ad hoc projects, and acquisitions.

That’s why eStoreMedia developed the e-Commerce Perfect Store model, and the integrated suite of eStoreMedia products and services that all sit within the framework. The unified offering means product manufacturers can plan global e-commerce strategies and localize them for individual markets.

Here’s a brief reminder of what constitutes a complete e-commerce tool ecosystem, designed from the ground up to help manufacturers plan e-commerce strategies, and rapidly execute to increase sales, and protect brand equity.

e-Commerce Perfect Store - a framework to enable brands to succeed in the fast-growing online channel.

The e-Commerce Perfect Store model is an easy to follow framework that enables product manufacturers to plan and organize their e-commerce strategies. The five steps of the process, which borrows heavily from the lean start-up model, encompass Strategy, Design, Delivery, Measurement and Gap Closing. It defines the actions you need to take to ensure your products are easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to buy in online retailers.

e-Commerce Perfect Store is more than a roadmap as it is underpinned with an integrated suite of tools and technology. Together they provide a unified e-commerce strategy, performance measurement and content execution solution set for Fortune 500 brands. The ‘SaaS’ products and Framework are integrated from inception. They stem from the same code base, and are developed and supported by our in-house engineering and customer success teams, to deliver the ultimate full category, globally scalable, analytics, e-commerce research and content management solution set.

The products include Expectation Hub, eStoreContent, Shopper Review Analysis, eStoreJourney, eStoreCheck and iMedia.

Expectation Hub - Plan, execute and monitor detailed, global and regional go-to-market tactics in one place.

Once you go beyond a single market, your global strategy and goals will need to be adjusted for each region, and country, to deliver optimized business plans and toolkits for individual e‑commerce retailers. Expectation Hub is the e-Commerce Perfect Store tool that enables brands to develop effective global go to market plans, tailor their sales fundamentals for individual markets, and deliver targeted toolkits to internal teams, online retailers, and partner agencies.

With all e-commerce go-to-market details stored in one place, Expectation Hub also provides the basis for setting targets for monitoring e-commerce KPIs and goals in eStoreCheck™, and reporting results at each level, back up the chain.

  • Plan, and adapt detailed online-go-to-market strategies for your brands.
  • Share sales fundamentals and relevant product expectations with internal teams, online retailers, and partner agencies.
  • Manage up-to-date sales fundamentals expectations for gap closing, and ongoing monitoring in eStoreCheck.

eStoreContent – Create, syndicate and audit rich online channel Content

eStoreContent enables brands to maximize the potential of their rich product content by streamlining and integrating end-to-end content creation, management, distribution and audit processes in one product. It is a single, unified solution for digital channel content from creation to management, publishing, and performance measurement, with:

  • Streamlined workflows for rich content creation, management, and market localization.
  • Syndication with full support for the specific content capabilities of 100s of different online stores and markets.
  • The most advanced AI-based content audit and analysis capability, to monitor content implementation & impact.

Shopper Review Analysis – Understand key sales drivers in your category

Shopper Review Analysis is eStoreMedia’s tailored research solution that leverages our cutting-edge e-commerce ratings and reviews analysis technology, to identify consumer insights, define value drivers, and evaluate brand equity. Brands use these insights to dramatically improve marketing, R&D, customer service, influencer relations, and sales.

  • Discover category purchase drivers and get tangible insights to improve product and marketing communications.
  • Understand differences between SKUs, brands, segments and regions.
  • Track brand equity to identify consumer sentiment and new competitive threats.

eStoreJourney - Map and understand your consumers’ online path-to-purchase.

eStoreJourney tracks your brand presence and analyses how effectively your products engage with consumers across key online shopper journey touch-points. Get insights on how to improve the chances of your brand being at the top of shoppers’ consideration sets in a crowded online market, including how to:

  • Understand and optimize the consumer experience of your brands, along the path to purchase.
  • Optimize the placement of digital media, and prioritize spending.
  • Identify third-party influencers and 'SEO allies‘.

eStoreCheck - Full-category, scalable e-commerce performance analytics for global brands

eStoreCheck is the leading e-commerce performance analytics solution for brands. It delivers complete category, same-day insights, and dynamic benchmarking across thousands of online retailers in the world’s 50 largest e-commerce markets. The solution enables product manufacturers to measure and improve critical e-commerce performance indicators and metrics, including Availability, Content, Price & Promotions, Search Performance, and Ratings & Reviews, delivering:

  • Actionable analytics and reporting, including the One Number dashboard.
  • Full category, dynamic benchmarking and trend identification.
  • Unmatched scalability and data accuracy: 1000s of SKUs in 100s of online retailers daily.

iMedia – Online channel media monitoring and competitive analysis

Managing iMedia investment is all about making the most of the available data to target buyers at the point of purchase, on the virtual shelf. eStoreMedia’s iMedia tracking solution enables brands to monitor if their advertising is being displayed as expected, and how it stands up to competitive advertisers.

  • Track e-store compliance to media and trade marketing plans.
  • Understand your brands’ share of voice in online channel advertising, and optimize creatives and placements.
  • Deliver insight and analysis to underpin data-centric media planning and execution.

The complexity of e-commerce means tools and analytics are essential for effectively navigating the channel. eStoreMedia aims to set new standards in research, content management, and collaboration technologies to expand the global e-commerce opportunity for trusted brands and consumers. Click on the button below to get a demo.

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