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Effective eCommerce leadership: How to empower your team por Łukasz Stebelski

Łukasz Stebelski Łukasz Stebelski

Effective eCommerce leadership: How to empower your team

Learn to communicate the language of e-commerce to the people you need to influence internally to gain the resources and buy-in you need to successfully execute your e-commerce strategy.

The explosion of e-commerce during Covid makes it easy to assume that e-commerce has hit maturity, but in terms of pure numbers, e-commerce is very much still in its infancy. This is an exciting opportunity for organizations to get ahead of the curve, practice innovation, and win the digital shelf over less forward-thinking competitors. But it’s also a huge challenge for e‑commerce teams trying to set up processes within their business designed to capitalize on this opportunity. And in a world as rapidly changing and complex as e-commerce, those processes – and adaptability within those processes – are key.

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This guide for e-commerce professionals will show you how to influence internal stakeholders and gain the buy-in and resources you need to make e-commerce a priority within your organization:

  • Cultivate an e-commerce ecosystem of people, technologies, and processes with high adoption levels and actionability.
  • Delegate e-commerce team roles and responsibilities in such a way that drives ownership and personal accountability.
  • Learn the best ways to communicate e-commerce with upper management in a common language that all members of the business can understand.
  • Build your own authority as an e-commerce pioneer by overcoming the internal and external challenges that most other organizations struggle to overcome.

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