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eStoreMedia Releases AMZ Navigator for Consumer Products Manufacturers por Adriaan van den Berg

eStoreMedia Releases AMZ Navigator for Consumer Products Manufacturers

The Complete Amazon Performance Optimization Solution with Integrated Amazon Analytics and Rich Content Management for Brands.

AMZ Navigator 2020

eStoreMedia™, the leader in integrated e-commerce analytics and online content management solutions for product manufacturers, today released AMZ Navigator™ the complete Amazon monitoring and execution solution for Fortune 500 brands. The solution enables brands to maximize sales and exposure on the Amazon e‑commerce platform.

AMZ Navigator is an integrated suite of insights and tools, including market share estimates, e‑commerce intelligence, and product content management. It combines insights from eStoreMedia’s leading e‑commerce analytics solution eStoreCheck™ with Amazon data, as well as the best in class content management capabilities of eStoreContent™ to deliver the only complete Amazon performance solution for brands. AMZ Navigator is aligned with eStoreMedia’s e-Commerce Perfect Store Model; a framework designed to help brands plan, execute and iteratively improve e-commerce performance over time.

Actionable Insights & Competitor Intelligence

“Amazon is unlike any other online retailer – it’s an evolving platform with ambitions of global retail dominance that no product manufacturer can ignore,” said Bart Kielbinski, CEO, eStoreMedia. “We created AMZ Navigator to help brands engage consumers, outsmart competitors and drive sales performance on Amazon.”

AMZ Navigator provides brand owners with a single reporting platform for understanding all aspects of their execution on Amazon. The actionable insights and competitor intelligence enable product manufacturers to rapidly identify and prioritize Amazon performance optimization actions to maximize sales and exposure on the e-commerce platform.

Identify Category Trends

One of the many aspects that makes Amazon different from other online retailers is direct access to tools and data for managing product listings, landing page content, and advertising, as well as responding to shopper comments (Ratings & Reviews). But tools such as Vendor Central, Seller Central, Amazon Advertising, Chime and FTP, are just part of what brands need to succeed.

AMZ Navigator integrates Amazon data with eStoreMedia’s full-category e-commerce analytics to deliver new market share estimates, deeper insights and competitive benchmarking, identifying category trends, and driving actions for growth. The solution also includes the end-to-end content creation, management, and distribution capabilities of eStoreContent, including Amazon-ready content templates.

AMZ Navigator is offered in four modules to help brands execute a phased approach to Amazon eCommerce Perfect Store implementation. The modules are:

  • Starter: Including Content creation, management and auditing, and daily monitoring of Availability, Price & Promotions, Ratings & Reviews and Search, in addition to BuyBox ownership, and Product Profitability for CRaP avoidance.
  • Plus: Increased frequency monitoring, for advanced BuyBox and CRaP Avoidance tracking, as well as Third Party Seller and Best Seller rank analysis.
  • Pro: Advanced Amazon insights including Sales Value & Share estimates, Order Frequency and Basket Analysis, Advanced Keyword Intelligence, and Traffic & Conversion estimates.
  • Ads & Deals: Insights to help manage Amazon Advertising spend, and improve promotional (Deals & Coupons) activity effectiveness on the Amazon platform.

To find out more about how AMZ Navigator you can request a demo on the AMZ Navigator information page, or contact your eStoreMedia Client Partner.