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Lukasz Stebelski to Present at the Online & Digital Grocery Summit por Adriaan van den Berg

Lukasz Stebelski to Present at the Online & Digital Grocery Summit

How to adapt, localize and manage global tactics and sales fundamentals to requirements of diverse markets. 


The inaugural Benelux Online & Digital Grocery Summit takes place at Andaz Amsterdam next month. The event will include speakers from industry leaders such as Bayer, Nestle Purina and Coca Cola as well as eStoreMedia’s own head of strategy and business development, Lukasz Stebelski.

The Benelux summit, which is an adjunct to similar established conferences in the UK and the US, brings together leading online retailers and FMCG brands to learn about new strategies and tactics for success in the fast growing online channel. The theme for this event focuses on how brands can optimize their e-commerce strategies to increase online sales in 2019 and beyond.

eStoreMedia’s talk will center on where global strategies meet local market nuances, and how brands can adapt, localize and manage global tactics and sales fundamentals to address the very specific requirements of different markets and multiple retailers. Here’s the full description:

“No more One Size Fits All – Best Practice in Developing, Managing, Delivering & Monitoring Global, Regional and Local e-Commerce Go to Market Tactics"

With multiple languages, 100s of different online retailers, and varied local market habits and customs, managing e-commerce channel strategies across Europe can be tricky. Even as the Euro makes things easier for the countries and territories that use the currency, issues including Brexit will likely add to complexity.

In this presentation eStoreMedia, which works with leading brands across the EU and beyond, will outline best practice for adapting global e-commerce strategies to fit with local market requirements, consumer expectation and online retailer capabilities.

What brands and e-commerce leaders can do to manage the complexity, and maximize the effectiveness of their e‑commerce go-to-market tactics in economically and culturally diverse markets. We will cover how to:

  • Plan, detailed online-go-to-market strategies for your brands.
  • Tailor global tactics for optimum impact in regional markets.
  • Adapt and manage sales fundamentals for each language, country, and online retailer.
  • Deliver effective, localized toolkits to internal teams, online retailers, and partner agencies.
  • Develop and modify KPIs to monitor and manage ongoing market expectations.”

eStoreMedia has a lot of experience in adapting and simplifying complex multi-country e‑commerce programs, that align with centralized goals but deliver results at a local level, if you’d like to find out more you can contact one of our experts by emailing contact@estoremedia.com.