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90% growth through digital shelf automation por Shazia Amin

90% growth through digital shelf automation

How a top UK consumer electronics brand used digital shelf tools to regain 90% of its time for actions on its core KPIs and realize double digit sales growth in just 3 months.

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The challenge: 90% of time lost to manual tasks

This leading electronics company with a 100+ year history as a global consumer brand operates 18 online stores serving its key growth markets including the UK. Although they had an e-commerce strategy in place, their UK e-commerce team was relatively small and relied on manual tracking of its core KPIs. An analysis of employee performance revealed that 90% of their time was spent on manual tasks - effectively, the team was spending too much time doing heavy lifting and not creating value, with only 10% of time available for taking action. In January 2022, the brand partnered with eStoreMedia to find an automated solution to track their KPIs so that more time could be spent on value added tasks.


Our solution: The e-commerce perfect store framework

It was clear that the biggest issue for this brand was time and the most obvious solution was automation, which made our digital shelf analytics tools the obvious choice. We applied our “perfect store” framework to set up the tools and the process improvements to automatically
measure key success drivers for key retailers. 

  • Strategy: Our tools revealed key issues for the brand around product availability, retailer SEO, content, and ratings and reviews. For example, less than 10% of their products were showing up in the Top 10 search results and category visibility was unclear.   
  • Design: Having established initial findings, we worked with the brand to establish success criteria and the core KPIs that were currently blockers for digital shelf success. These KPIs included: Share in Top 10 Search, % Out of Stocks, and product content areas like photos, rich content, and bullet points.
  • Delivery: We used eStoreCheck to automate the tracking of their KPIs across their key UK online retailers. eStoreCheck provided the platform for automation of these KPIs across their key UK online retailers which includes deep dive reports on product availability, search, ratings and reviews, and competitor analytics.
  • Measure: An intuitive dashboard delivered an aggregated score of their performance, while deep-dive reports allowed them to identify key problems at the SKU level and take action. Our reports are flexible and dynamic, capable of measuring everything with weights, targets and thresholds.
  • Identify and close gaps: Our gap- closing reports allowed the brand to quickly take action on problems, and iterate the process to continuously improve performance across retailers


The result: Growth through automation

Using eStoreCheck, the brand was able to recover the 90% of time it was losing to  manual tasks and re-apply that time to prioritizsing action on its core KPIs. By March 2022, just three months after starting with eStoreMedia, the brand had improved its aggregated digital shelf score by 23% and experienced double digit sales growth through its online channels. 


“eStoreCheck has changed the way the business thinks. It has taken us away
from a fragmented way of working and provided huge productivity improvements
for the team.” 

- Head of UK B2B eCommerce,
Global Consumer Electronics Brand


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