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How many data analysts does it take to grow sales on Amazon? por Shazia Amin

How many data analysts does it take to grow sales on Amazon?

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Today’s Digital Shelf Monitoring tools have an almost limitless capacity to gather volumes of data from Amazon and crunch it into useful insights that help Account Managers grow sales. Being able to keep track of stock levels, rank, product page completeness, price, Buy Box threats and 3P sellers for every product in your Amazon portfolio - and those of your competitors - is powerful stuff. But how much of your day is spent evaluating that data and prioritizing what to do first?

The concept of dashboards that produce “actionable insights” from digital shelf data (automatically processing and presenting data that highlights opportunities and threats to sales or market share) is not new to our industry, or to the CPG brands that use our e-commerce analytics tools, but AI-powered technologies are getting smarter, enabling Amazon sales teams to make faster and more accurate decisions, and further reducing the manual effort required to prioritize actions.

Earlier this month, we had the honor of presenting our latest Amazon analytics platform, AMZ Navigator at the FirstMovr JPBx Amazon eCommerce Growth Summit. In a 30-minute learning session, we were able to demonstrate how AI has advanced to the stage where traditional e-commerce roles are changing significantly due to algorithms doing more and more of the work previously undertaken by analysts.

To access the full presentation, you can download the deck here.

Why you Don't Need Another Business Analyst to Drive Growth on Amazon

In this session we demonstrate how the latest advancements in AI and machine learning are completely changing our decision-making process, automating the evaluation step and calculating which actions will have the most impactful outcomes. Today's technologies allow you to act fast and act first with a pin-sharp focus on sales growth. Our case examples cover:

  • The new ways data can be visualized to reveal instant wins, prioritized by Dollar value.
  • The AI-powered analytics that identify products at risk of CRaPping out, from the earliest possible moment.
  • The extended 1P:3P seller analytics that constantly patrol your sales strategy.