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How to Succeed in the e‑Commerce Channel

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Get the latest e-commerce Perfect Store execution playbook for product manufacturers and consumer goods brands


The growth of e-commerce means product manufacturers and global brands need new strategies and tools to deal with the evolving needs of online retailers, and changing shopper expectations.

Success in traditional retail channels does not necessarily translate directly to success online. e‑Commerce is a new paradigm requiring fresh thinking and innovative implementation tactics. The differences are evident on both sides of the retail landscape – with new competitors emerging to vie with established retailers and supplier brands. Pure-play retailers such as Amazon and Alibaba have grown to challenge that status quo by starting from scratch rather than having to evolve existing business practice. At the same time, new brand competitors with so-called ‘digital native’ products are enticing consumers and challenging established product manufacturers.


New Thinking

eStoreMedia, the leader in e-commerce intelligence and execution for brands, has developed a framework to help leading brands navigate the new world of e-commerce. The e-Commerce Perfect Store Framework for brands provides product manufacturers with a blueprint for success in the fast-growing e-commerce channel. The goal of the Framework is to expand the global e‑commerce opportunity for trusted brands and consumers.

At its heart, the e-Commerce Perfect Store Framework enables brands to reduce complexity, identify gaps, prioritize actions, and execute in the online channel, turning data, insights, and content into sustainable online channel sales growth. The Framework is supported by a set of integrated tools and technologies that set new standards in automation, research, content management, and brand-retailer collaboration.

Get the Playbook

We just published a new e-Book – How to succeed in the e-commerce channel – that describes the complete e-Commerce Perfect Store Framework.
It describes the five stages of the framework and it’s definitely worth a read
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Adriaan van den Berg
Adriaan van den Berg
Adriaan van den Berg

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