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Łukasz Stebelski - Łukasz Stebelski Łukasz Stebelski
5 min

e-Commerce Merchandising Strategies for Q4 2021

‘Tis the Season to Get Busy! While children everywhere, naughty and nice, wait for Santa Claus to make his list and check it twice, we’ve been making a checklist of our own to help consumer brands sell more online during Q4...

Bartosz Kielbinski - Chariman, Founder Bartosz Kielbinski
2 min

Monitoring for Timely Insights: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Insight

The speed of e-commerce means brands need near real‑time e‑commerce analytics to identify issues and close gaps in e‑commerce listings during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. In a year of uncertainties there is one thing we can be...

Bartosz Kielbinski - Chariman, Founder Bartosz Kielbinski
2 min

Back to school: time to re‑focus on eCommerce presence & performance

Five e-commerce planning tips for brands, as schools and economies reopen after a devastating few months. The back-to-school shopping spree is usually the start of a lucrative four to five month period for consumer goods...

Adriaan van den Berg - Adriaan van den Berg Adriaan van den Berg
1 min

Black Friday is in Full Swing, Where Will the Axe Fall in 2019?

With three weeks still to go to November 29th, online retailers in the US and Europe are already touting ‘holiday’ deals and discounts. In the US, Amazon, Costco and Walmart have announced holiday deals. While most European...

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