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Luke Davies - Luke Davies Luke Davies
2 min

How to Select the Best Category & Subcategories for your Products

Ensure your product’s e-commerce category listing is optimized to maximize opportunities for conversion and sales Selecting the right categories and subcategories for your products on Amazon, or any other online retailers,...

Łukasz Stebelski - Łukasz Stebelski Łukasz Stebelski
3 min

Defending against eCommerce 'brand disruption' during COVID and beyond

Warning, the COVID-19 crisis, with its underlying structural changes, ticks all the boxes for product and brand disruption. Before I joined eStoreMedia in 2013, I had spent 14 years at Procter & Gamble. For much of that...

Luke Davies - Luke Davies Luke Davies
3 min

Building engagement and trust to provide a great experience

How LEGO Group’s data focused approach to content investment, design, deployment and optimization is delivering up to 30% better conversion rates in the online channel. The fourth in the eStoreAcademy series of webinars...

Bartosz Kielbinski - Chariman, Founder Bartosz Kielbinski
4 min

New Market Entry–Remember There’s a Lot More to eCommerce than Amazon

Amazon might be No.1 in US e‑commerce, but how do brands pick the best online retail partner in other markets? With e-commerce becoming more important every week it’s understandable that consumer product manufacturers and...

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