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Sandy Skrovan - Content Marketing Manager Sandy Skrovan
5 min

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days: Observations & Insights

Amazon is once again playing its part to kick off the holiday shopping season by hosting yet another Prime Day - this October edition called Prime Big Deal Days - pulling sales up from the traditional Black Friday /...

Sandy Skrovan - Content Marketing Manager Sandy Skrovan
1 min

Prime Day 2023 winners: A data recap

Amazon Prime Day 2023 was the biggest one yet in the retailer’s history. There were plenty of deals, and they were steeper in 2023 than in recent years. Bargain hunters showed up. We tracked Prime Day activities and studied...

Shazia Amin - Head of Insights Shazia Amin
2 min

Are you Ready for Prime Day 2022?

When is Prime Day 2022? At the time of writing, Amazon hasn’t yet announced Prime Day dates for 2022 although it has released deadlines for Deal and Inventory submissions ranging from April to June. There is much speculation...

Jakub Gruszczynski - Jakub Gruszczynski Jakub Gruszczynski
2 min

Amazon Prime Day 2021 Recap

Amazon Prime Day took place 21-22 June 2021, an opportunity for brands to potentially win big with Prime Day deals and eager customers ready to buy. Leading up to the event, we took a deep dive at these global major...

Luke Davies - Luke Davies Luke Davies
3 min

Winning on Amazon Getting Ready for an Unprecedented Q4

As Prime Day approaches, kicking off an intensive period of retail events, eStoreAcademy explores what brands need to do to succeed on Amazon and other e‑commerce platforms. The seventh webinar in our eStoreAcademy series...

Bartosz Kielbinski - Chariman, Founder Bartosz Kielbinski
2 min

Back to school: time to re‑focus on eCommerce presence & performance

Five e-commerce planning tips for brands, as schools and economies reopen after a devastating few months. The back-to-school shopping spree is usually the start of a lucrative four to five month period for consumer goods...

Jakub Gruszczynski - Jakub Gruszczynski Jakub Gruszczynski
4 min

Every Day is Prime Day on Amazon According to eStoreMedia Analysis

Five-category, price and promotions study shows the number, and depth of typical Amazon discounts stand up to Prime Day promotions. Despite the promise of massive Prime Day discounts, a month’s analysis carried out by...

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