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Setting your E-commerce Quarterly Reset Button: How to Transition from Q3 to Q4

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As we move from Q3, it’s time to hit the reset button on your digital shelf Q4 strategy.

The run up to Christmas combined with deal days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday make Q4 the biggest opportunity for brands to meet (and ideally beat) sales targets. If you really want to unleash the potential of Q4, you need to hit RESET and reflect on how your existing digital shelf strategy has served you thus far in 2022.

The transition from Q3 to Q4 is the perfect time to take the lessons you’ve learned this year to push your e-commerce performance to the max and finish 2022 with a bang.

Our simple framework for Q4 quick wins

Transition from Q3 to Q4

While the start of the year may be the ideal time to refine and redesign existing products, campaigns, and strategies, Q4 is crunch time. Q4 is the time to assess 2021 performance on the projects you’ve already started and optimize them for the rest of the year.

Q4 is for identifying your biggest opportunities and quick wins. We recommend:

  1. Diagnose high impact SKUs. This is where the 80/20 rule comes in: it’s likely that the vast majority of your sales will come from a small fraction of your products. Identify which SKUs will drive growth this season. We recommend using digital shelf monitoring tools capable of grouping products in your assortment so that it’s easier to track and monitor SKUs in bite-sized pieces. We use dynamic dashboards to make it easy to track product groups and prioritize next actions.
  2. Optimize your assortment. Look at the current performance of your priority SKUs. Where are the gaps and which ones are easiest to resolve? Whether it’s recovering out of stocks ahead of big sales events or optimizing content ahead of the holiday season, prioritize actions that are both easiest to resolve and have the greatest impact. We use dynamic dashboards to make it easy to track product groups and prioritize next actions.

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Shazia Amin
Shazia Amin
Head of Insights

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