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Case Study - One of the biggest FMCG companies in Mexico por Head of Insights

Case Study - One of the biggest FMCG companies in Mexico


30% Improvement in Digital Shelf Performance

Learn how the e-commerce team at one of the biggest FMCG companies in Mexico used data analytics to motivate key account managers and drive adoption of digital shelf tools across the business.

Herdez MX - Case Study

100% increase in overall digital shelf performance

14% improvement in content performance

6 power users translating data into action



Inconsistent adoption of digital shelf metrics

This company based in Mexico has been a major player in the FMCG business for decades. With a relevant portfolio of significant major brands, the e-commerce team recognized that data analytics was key to maintaining visibility of their portfolio across both omnichannel and pure-play retailers. In light of ongoing post-pandemic pressures and rising inflation, the team sought to engage KAMs to make e-commerce a priority.



Motivate KAMs with the metrics that matter

We helped communicate the power of digital shelf monitoring to KAMs by demonstrating a data-driven strategy that enabled better decision making on their accounts. We translated their priority KPIs into metrics they could measure and control using digital shelf analytics tools. KAMs identified product content as a problem area so we made content metrics a priority. We established targets and customized the tool to report on those metrics for priority SKUs and retailers.



E-commerce excellence across the business

Our collaboration helped align the e-commerce team with the rest of the business. Our digital shelf score was chosen as a benchmark for sales-based bonuses, further motivating KAMs. With our tools they achieved a 14% improvement in content performance and a 10% improvement in their digital shelf score in just three months. The company now has 6 power users commanding use of the tool, turning information into action that improves the business and increases sales.