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Case Study - A Global Consumer Goods Company por Head of Insights

Case Study - A Global Consumer Goods Company


Learn how a global consumer goods company used analytics tools to improve efficiency and gain greater visibility of its e-commerce performance across its vast portfolio, achieving a 30% improvement in execution in just 3 months.


10% increase in overall digital shelf performance

What is your Digital Shelf Score?

Our DSS is an aggregated score of e-commerce performance based on the most impactful KPIs that influence online sales.



Visibility over
a complex landscape

This global consumer goods company has a portfolio of over 50 brands sold across nearly 200 countries at dozens of retailers, including pure play and omnichannel. Managing the perfect online shelf with 1000s of SKUs was overwhelming, and they lacked visibility of performance and where to focus their efforts.



The Perfect Store framework

We implemented digital shelf analytics tools to automatically track their most critical ecommerce KPIs across their highest priority SKUs, focusing on Greece as a test case. An intuitive dashboard delivered an aggregated score of their performance, while deepdive reports allowed them to identify and prioritise gaps.



Clarity of the gaps and where to focus

Using our tools, they discovered that the biggest gaps were in content, particularly keyword performance. Our tool enabled their e-commerce team to address critical content gaps having a detrimental impact on search and conversion. Fixing the gaps drove a 30% improvement in digital shelf performance in just 3 months.