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Case Study - A Top UK Consumer Electronics Brand por Shazia Amin

Shazia Amin Shazia Amin SearchAdoption

Case Study - A Top UK Consumer Electronics Brand


+90% Growth Through Digital Shelf Automation

Learn how a top UK consumer electronics brand used digital shelf tools to regain 90% of its time
for actions on its core KPIs and realise double digit sales growth in just 3 months.


23% Increase in Digital Shelf Score

90% Time recovered from manual tasks

+ Double Digit Sales Growth



Valuable time spent on manual tasks

Although this global consumer electronics brand had a digital shelf framework in place, they had no automation tools for measuring KPIs. As a result, 90% of time was spent on manual measurement tasks, leaving only 10% of time for action.



The Perfect Store framework

We implemented digital shelf analytics tools to automatically track their most critical eCommerce KPIs across the most critical performance areas. An intuitive dashboard delivered an aggregated score of their performance, while deep-dive reports allowed them to identify and prioritise key problems at the SKU level and take action.



Growth through automation

90% of time recovered from manual tasks and applied to taking action on key problem areas with search visibility, out of stocks, and R&R. In 3 months, the brand improved its digital shelf score by 23% and experienced double digit sales growth through its online channels.