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Shazia Amin - Head of Insights Shazia Amin
3 min

Prime Day Predictions

The seventh annual Amazon Prime Day is coming up this July 12 and 13, but there’s a slightly different glow on this year’s epic shopping holiday. While Prime Day 2021 saw supply chain pressures putting the biggest strain on...

Adriaan van den Berg - Adriaan van den Berg Adriaan van den Berg
1 min

How to Succeed in the e‑Commerce Channel

Get the latest e-commerce Perfect Store execution playbook for product manufacturers and consumer goods brands The growth of e-commerce means product manufacturers and global brands need new strategies and tools to deal with...

Luke Davies - Luke Davies Luke Davies
2 min

Black Friday Recap 2021

Top Trends and Critical Success Factors for Brands in e-Commerce Black Friday, once a US-only sales event, has grown to be a global phenomenon and now represents the most important promotional period for brands before the...

Łukasz Stebelski - Łukasz Stebelski Łukasz Stebelski
5 min

The eCommerce future after Covid19: Fail-Safe Strategies for 2021/2022

Fail-safe e-commerce strategies for consumer brands in uncertain times. When Amazon released its Second Quarter Results, a concerning shadow crossed the desks of e-commerce leaders across the globe. A growth rate of 27%...

Bartosz Kielbinski - Chariman, Founder Bartosz Kielbinski
5 min

What is e-Commerce Perfect Store?

e-Commerce Perfect Store is an evolution of the traditional retail Perfect Store philosophy, updated for the online channel. Perfect Store – or variations on the theme – is central to the offline retail channel go-to-market...

Bartosz Kielbinski - Chariman, Founder Bartosz Kielbinski
3 min

What is Digital Shelf Automation?

Digital Shelf Automation is an integrated set of tools and services for empowering Product Manufacturers to streamline e-commerce planning and execution, in order to optimize performance and maximize sales in the digital...

Bartosz Kielbinski - Chariman, Founder Bartosz Kielbinski
3 min

How is ePIM differ from traditional PIM or MDM?

Instead of striving for a single golden copy, an e-Commerce PIM needs to be able to manage 1000s of different versions of the same product, and syndicate the right version to the right online retailer, in the right format....

Robert Mann - Robert Mann Robert Mann
3 min

Drive sales with enhanced content and compliance monitoring

This holiday season, with more consumers shopping online, your e‑commerce portfolio will be under the spotlight more than ever before. In this blog we share some ideas about how you can make sure your e‑commerce content is...

Bartosz Kielbinski - Chariman, Founder Bartosz Kielbinski
2 min

Monitoring for Timely Insights: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Insight

The speed of e-commerce means brands need near real‑time e‑commerce analytics to identify issues and close gaps in e‑commerce listings during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. In a year of uncertainties there is one thing we can be...

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