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Łukasz Stebelski - Łukasz Stebelski Łukasz Stebelski
5 min

e-Commerce Merchandising Strategies for Q4 2021

‘Tis the Season to Get Busy! While children everywhere, naughty and nice, wait for Santa Claus to make his list and check it twice, we’ve been making a checklist of our own to help consumer brands sell more online during Q4...

Bartosz Kielbinski - Chariman, Founder Bartosz Kielbinski
2 min

Monitoring for Timely Insights: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Insight

The speed of e-commerce means brands need near real‑time e‑commerce analytics to identify issues and close gaps in e‑commerce listings during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. In a year of uncertainties there is one thing we can be...

Rafał Kochański - Rafał Kochański Rafał Kochański
2 min

Automate your Online Channel to Prepare for e‑Commerce centric World

With the online channel playing a larger role in retail, product manufacturers need to automate e-commerce gap closing to keep up with an expanded workload, and prepare for a second wave of CV-19. Surviving the Covid-19...

Bartosz Kielbinski - Chariman, Founder Bartosz Kielbinski
6 min

Coping with the Coronavirus Online Shopping Surge: 5 eCommerce Basics

The coronavirus lockdown and closure of physical stores is driving online demand. With the overnight change in shopper behavior how can brands adapt online strategies to ensure e-commerce business continuity? In Europe and...

Bartosz Kielbinski - Chariman, Founder Bartosz Kielbinski
3 min

Steps to eCommerce Readiness for Brands P.1: Portfolio,Pricing&Content

e-Commerce success depends on having an effective strategy. This blog is part-1 of a 2-part series that identifies and explains six key factors for your e-commerce strategy. At the most basic level online and traditional...

Jakub Gruszczynski - Jakub Gruszczynski Jakub Gruszczynski
3 min

Securing the Amazon Buy Box: 5 Winning Steps for Brands

For many brands, success in e-commerce means success on Amazon, which depends on consistently winning the Amazon Buy Box, where over 85% of all sales convert. In the e-commerce arena, Amazon receives the lion’s share of...

Jakub Gruszczynski - Jakub Gruszczynski Jakub Gruszczynski
4 min

Every Day is Prime Day on Amazon According to eStoreMedia Analysis

Five-category, price and promotions study shows the number, and depth of typical Amazon discounts stand up to Prime Day promotions. Despite the promise of massive Prime Day discounts, a month’s analysis carried out by...

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