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Shazia Amin - Head of Insights Shazia Amin
2 min

The Key to a Successful Digital Shelf

Practical e-Commerce Improvements Food and Beverage Brands Can’t Afford to Miss. Prolonged supply chain disruption, inconsistencies in search and content capabilities from one retailer to another, and increased competition...

Adriaan van den Berg - Adriaan van den Berg Adriaan van den Berg
1 min

Case Study: From Digital Shelf Analytics-Sustainable Business Process

Are you struggling to align your digital shelf strategy with your operational model? We are honored to be speaking alongside some of the world’s leaders in e-commerce at Digital Food and Beverage Europe September 8th, 2021...

Anna Kochanska - Anna Kochanska Anna Kochanska
3 min

Making the Jump from Brand Manager to e‑Commerce Enabler

How key learnings from the recent Digital Food & Beverage Conference in London, confirmed I’d made the right move by joining this e‑commerce technology innovator. A few weeks ago, on a cold, bright Tuesday morning, I was...

Adriaan van den Berg - Adriaan van den Berg Adriaan van den Berg
1 min

Lukasz Stebelski to Present at the Online & Digital Grocery Summit

How to adapt, localize and manage global tactics and sales fundamentals to requirements of diverse markets. The inaugural Benelux Online & Digital Grocery Summit takes place at Andaz Amsterdam next month. The event will...

Łukasz Stebelski - Łukasz Stebelski Łukasz Stebelski
4 min

4 Valuable Learnings from the Online & Digital Grocery Summit UK 2019

Translating data into action, integration, content and getting started emerge as themes at the UK Digital Grocery Summit It was a pleasure to participate in the Online & Digital Grocery Summit London last week. A big thanks...

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