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Upcoming webinar: Dishing Up Fresh Data: The Daily Advantage for Food & Bev Brands


Webinar - Ratings & Reviews. Using Cutting Edge Approach to Analyze the UK Moisturisers Category

Ratings & Reviews play a crucial role in establishing a strong brand image on the digital shelf. That's why, in collaboration with our partner CheckoutSmart, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the UK Moisturisers category and we are excited to share our insightful findings with you. Join us in our upcoming webinar to understand the significance of Ratings & Reviews for your brand.

During this session You'll learn:

  1. How the Reviews landscape in the UK Moisturisers Category looks
  2. What are the most important shopper dimensions in the Moisturiser category
  3. What is the Influence score
  4. What you can do to maximise the impact from Ratings and Reviews


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