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AMZ Navigator - complete Amazon performance analytics and rich content management for Brands. AMZ Navigator keeps a close watch on your key success drivers on the world's leading online marketplace.

From 1000s of possibilities, AMZ Navigator creates a shortlist of actions that hold the greatest opportunity to grow Amazon sales and share.

  • Amazon sales and share analysis for every product in the category.
  • Advanced decision analytics for brands. 
  • Algorithms that become increasingly accurate over time.

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What it does

For both your and your competitors’ products, AMZ Navigator blends eStoreCheck digital shelf data with Amazon Brand Analytics to give you Sales, Share and Marketplace insights all in one place. You can go one step further and integrate our best-in-class content management platform, eStoreContent, to streamline gap-closing processes and automate content improvement.

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Why brands choose AMZ Navigator

icons-2020_ico-amz-04 kopia 8-1Prioritize Actions by Potential Sales Return at Product Level

  • Create a decision-ready action list from 1000s of possibilities.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with algorithms that continually improve.
  • See sales-driving actions in just two clicks.

icons-2020_ico-amz-04 kopia 3-1Leading Buy Box and CRaP Defense

  • Increase your win ratio by knowing why you lost the Buy Box, when, and to whom.
  • See the answers to these questions instantly without further analysis.
  • Understand which products are at risk of CRaP and why.

icons-2020_ico-amz_ico-amz-04 kopia 4Unrivaled 1P:3P Sales Analytics

  • Identify which sellers make the most impact on product sales.
  • Aggregate 1P, 2P & 3P sales by seller, by product, over time.

icons-2020_ico-amz-04 kopia 7Lost Opportunities Prioritized by Sales Value

  • Quantify the value of lost sales due to availability or Buy Box problems.
  • Focus on the products that are draining
    most sales.

icons-amz 6-48Laser-Focussed Traffic and Conversion Actions

  • Share auto-generated action lists for products that need secondary placement advertising.
  • Optimize content on pages where traffic is high.
  • Boost traffic for products with high conversion rates.

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