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eShopper Review Analysis - tap into consumer Reviews to identify features that consumers love.

Tap into consumer Reviews to identify features that consumers love.

Drive product innovation and improve communications with unexpected insights harvested from 1000s of unprompted consumer opinions. Turn their feedback into products they want to buy.


What it is

Harvesting 1000s of Ratings & Reviews, eShopper Review Analysis unlocks authentic and unprompted consumer feedback on your products and their competitors. It returns an original and unique set of insights on consumer attitudes. The methodology is efficient and the process is fast.

Using a combination of AI, natural language processing with native language auditors, our data modeling organizes product features which are trending in Reviews, assessed by volume of mentions, by sentiment and by Star Rating.  This highlights the product features your consumers really love as well as those which pose competitive threats.

eShopperReviewAnalysis supports you through product launches, market entry strategies, competitive positioning and marketing communications effectiveness.

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What you get with eShopperReviewAnalysis

Bring to light the unexpected product drivers, insights and consumer language:

    • Access and analyse thousands of unprompted consumer reviews (post‑buy).
    • Learn which of your product features drive high star ratings and may be used to strengthen your brand communications.
    • Obtain new levels of granularity: specific markets, price tiers, product lines or even individual SKUs.
    • Check brand health vs competition.
    • Ensure your product, strategy and communication development are relevant in every market.
    • Get results faster and more efficiently than you would with traditional research methods.

Why Brands choose eShopperReviewAnalysis

Dynamic changes in online shopping behavior and fast-evolving consumer needs require an agile research approach that surpasses traditional methods:

sra-ico-05Based on authentic, unaided and non-biased feedback

Leverages millions of consumers' opinions voiced in online shopper reviews, rather than forced and aided responses from traditional research.

sra-ico-03Action-oriented insights

Dive deep into consumer language and tap into an 'online focus group' of 1000s.

sra-ico-04Find answers to precise problems

Get insights about specific markets, price tiers, product lines or even individual SKUs. Optionally, Shopper Review Analysis can also reverse-engineer a competitive communication strategy.


Leveraging existing consumer feedback and AI-aided predictive modeling, it is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional conjoint or brand equity trackers.


Can be run in any language and any market that has a credible source of shoppers' reviews.


Much faster than traditional research that can take many weeks or even months.

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