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eStoreJourney - holistic analysis with actionable recommendations to improve your brand presence on the consumers' online path to purchase.

Holistic analysis with actionable recommendations to improve your brand presence on the consumers' online path to purchase.

eStoreJourney research replicates e-shoppers' search behavior to help you make better decisions on advertising, marketing and PR. It maps your products' presence on various websites, measures sentiment around your brand and analyses how effectively it engages with consumers across online shopper journey touch-points.


What it is

eStoreJourney is our proprietary research model that maps online shoppers' search-led journey through the path to purchase. Driven by your brand and category keywords, our proprietary soCortex system uses a combination of AI with data modeling - audited by native speakers - to record coverage, tag brand and feature mentions, and record sentiment. This allows you to fix issues with 3rd party URLs with neutral or negative sentiment for your brand, create and optimize brand content to increase traffic, advertize precisely in places where your target consumers gather and step-up content on your brand.com site.

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Questions eStoreJourney can help you answer

When consumers start the shopping journey they go through four stages: awareness, interest, desire and action. eStoreJourney will show you what websites they visit at each stage and how your brand is presented there. It will also help you find answers to specific questions, like these:

    • What is my Brand’s share of Google including e-commerce and third party websites?
    • Who are the key influencers in my category?
    • Who are the most important e-retailers impacting the path to purchase choices?
    • Which websites encourage and which discourage from buying my Brand?
    • What are the most important keyword territories and benefits that attract shopper attention?

Why Brands choose eStoreJourney

Having mapped your shoppers path to purchase, you will be able to:

esj-ico-01Pinpoint the most influential websites and e-retailers

eStoreJourney defines the most influential partners for your brand and evaluates its current presence on these sites.

esj-ico-02Guide marketing and PR spending choices

Identify the most influential media to make better marketing decisions. Optimize your brand’s own website, identify influencers, make better advertising investments and improve content to guide more shoppers to your product.

esj-ico-03Define content needs

eStoreJourney audits 2000-3000 keywords per category and checks your brand presence on those search words. It identifies for which keywords a brand lacks relevant content that would convert more sales.

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