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eShopper Research

With technology as our enabler, our rich background in brand management, marketing and e-commerce has allowed us to find unique ways of delivering unexpected insights which support brand health, the path to purchase, brand communications, market entry and even product development.

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Why eShopper Research?

We have developed advanced, AI-driven data modeling frameworks that sharpen your understanding of today's e‑shoppers and reveal new insights that are not available using traditional research models.
At eStoreMedia, it is not all in the hands of the machines. We rely on our team of expert auditors for the ultimate in data quality assurance including precise matching, local language tuning, total coverage and sentiment checks. Our analysts ensure no stone is unturned in identifying trends, spotting opportunities and making recommendations.
Experience new research standards that allow you to keep the pace with changing consumer needs.

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Translate shopper feedback

Turn 1000s of shopper reviews into insights for brand innovations.


Map shoppers’ path to purchase

Understand where shoppers gain information about your products and what the overall sentiment is towards your brand.


Proven to drive consumer-winning innovation

Make sure your new product developments resonate with voiced consumer needs to secure a competitive lead when you launch.


Cost efficient and global scope

Unique insights, from any country market in the world, are available at a fraction of the cost of traditional conjoint or brand equity trackers.


Time effective

Receive results much faster than when doing a traditional research. 

Let us show you how brands are getting faster, better, unique consumer insights using our data and analytics framework

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Learn more about our eShopper Research methodology

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Holistic analysis with actionable recommendations to improve your consumers' online path to purchase.

  • Discover and validate all category‑relevant search keywords in top search engines (Google, Bing or Yandex).

  • Identify and leverage top e‑commerce players and third‑party influencers.

  • Optimize your brand’s digital presence across all stages of shopper path to purchase.

  • Prioritize digital media spend.

  • Benchmark your performance with competitors and make sure you win on coverage and sentiment.

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Empowers Brands to create product innovation that consumers love.

  • It leverages online reviews to back‑engineer the shopper decision process and discover the unexpected products drivers, insights and consumer language.

  • Access and analyse thousands of unprompted consumer reviews (post‑buy).

  • Our AI-powered content analysis reveals unexpected insights almost instantly.

  • Check brand health vs competition.

  • Ensure your product and communication development are relevant in every market.

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