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eStore Shelf Automation

A suite of integrated, digital commerce apps that work faster together

to optimize your brand’s sales performance on the eStore shelf.

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How it works

When you have set your content performance expectations in eStoreCheck, you can build your content asset library in eStoreContent. Both platforms are connected so that eStoreCheck monitors the implementation of the content in e‑retailers and triggers automatic gap fixing actions or alerts.


Optimize strategy

Leverage actionable insights to stay ahead of competition.


Control the shoppers’ path to purchase

Sales-enable your brand's websites with eStoreButton ‘Where to Buy’ technology, delivered as a module of eStoreCheck.


Manage your content

Deploy eStoreContent for automated content management, syndication and auditing.


Win on Amazon

Dive deep into Amazon-specific analytics and content management with AMZ Navigator.


Monitor and analyze

Monitor your products on the digital shelf and take faster action with customizable, gap-closing views.

Find out how eStore Shelf Automation will give your products a competitive advantage online

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Learn about our eStore Shelf Automation suite elements

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AI-empowered digital shelf analytics that guide and trigger sales improvement actions.

  • The widest range of metrics (200+) incl. advanced content tracking and full competitor analysis.

  • Superior data quality, speed of delivery and  PIM integration.

  • Simplified and automated data maintenance  processes.

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es-content es-icon-content

Your complete platform for e‑commerce content management: creation, hosting and retail partner syndication (PIM).

  • Syndication across hundreds of stores worldwide.

  • Revolutionary fast mass content creation & store visualization.

  • Search optimization.

  • Integration with eStoreCheck analytics.

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es-amznavigator amz-icon-arrow

Amazon brand analytics that provide an accurate, clear view and advanced depth of data.

  • Market share and competitive sales value.

  • Buybox, CRaP, 1P/3P and other Amazon‑specific metrics.

  • A+ (Premium) content monitoring.

  • Keyword intelligence incl. potential estimation.

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The Complete Cycle

Ours is the only integrated eStore Shelf Automation suite for planning and executing effective online channel strategies. Covering processes, data, technology and expertise, our integrated platform allows you to automate the critical tasks that e-commerce managers face every day, helping you to make more informed decisions and take action faster.


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